About Us

Founded by Laura and Luciano, the Westwerk UX Skills Lab aims to bring cutting-edge learning and event experiences to the European UX community. Whether you are a designer, researchers or leaders - our mission is to offer you a unique
platform to hone your skills, future-proof your career and become of the best in your field.

We're passionate about all things UX, from core design skills to cutting-edge AI applications, from UX Leadership to soft skills like well-being and teamwork - because we know they're crucial for your professional growth.

We also believe learning should be fun, interactive, and multi-sensory. That is why all of our events cater to all of your senses. From individual in-house courses to vibrant international conferences - Westwerk stands for
quality, passion and professionalism.

If you have questions, feedback or ideas feel free to reach out to us: mail@westwerk.events