UXSL Bootcamp

AI-driven User Understanding and Content Personalisation

A fun and intensive course designed for UX professionals looking to enhance their skills using AI and voice prompting technologies.

8 October 2024 in Berlin

Over the course of the bootcamp, you will explore practical methodologies, best practices, and new prompting techniques to build more personalised and effective user journeys. This fun and interactive program is grounded in real-world applications and insights, ensuring you gain actionable knowledge that you immediately will be able to implement into your projects and convert to value for your organisation.

8 October 2024 (9:00-16:30)
EUR 195 - Early Bird Price
excl. 19% MwSt.
Terms & Conditions

After this bootcamp you will be able to

  • Apply AI methodologies to understand user behaviours and needs.
  • Use voice prompting techniques to boost productivity and creativity
  • Design and optimise user journeys with AI-driven insights
  • Develop new techniques and ideas on your own

This one day workshop will equip you with skills and insights that will expand your professional toolbox and help you stay competitive as a designer.

Who this Bootcamp is for

  • Junior Designers
  • Senior Designers seeking to enhance their skills in creating personalised user journeys
  • UX Researchers who want adapt advance AI capabilities
  • UX writers who work with user journeys

Social Evening

We conclude the day with an evening out in Berlin with a cosy get together in a local pub.

When and Where

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  • Early Bird:  EUR 195 + 19% MwSt.
  • Standard:  EUR 350 + 19% MwSt.